Over the past few weeks the sounds of construction have been echoing past our copper colored goddess “Lady of the Lake” in the middle of the roundabout in-front of the hotel.

Construction is going on behind her at the old “Blue Parrot”

and in-front of her below the Seventeen Cocktails&Drinks

A “Musical Chairs” of restaurants.

The restaurant that was below Seventeen Cocktails&Drinks has moved to the old “Blue Parrot” and is busy preparing that building for their needs.

At the same time a new tapas restaurant is being constructed below the Seventeen. According to our information this restaurant will open May 1 and will welcome Naturists. It will of course be featured in the page of Naturist friendly businesses when it opens.

As for the other restaurant we have no other information at this moment. We can only hope that it too will be Naturist friendly as well. However we can report that in the past when this author was working with Laura Schleder on her book Zona Naturista we went there on a hot afternoon and even though were the only clients at an outside table, we were refused service because we were Naturists.

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