Things heard on the street that may be true .… or not….

The sources of what you read here are multiple and varied:
Talking to people on the street, Facebook forums, Messages received …If you have heard something that you would like to share, or would like to correct something you have seen on this page please click here and leave a message.

06/06/2021 There is a meeting planned with our Alcalde/Mayor of Vera and members of the Ayuntamiento/Town Hall on WEDNESDAY 9th JUNE at 19.00h at BENITOS BAR and all welcome to attend.

04/06/2021 The Chiringuito CotaZero “EL PIRATA” is having trouble reopening because the beach sand was not restored in the area of the Chiringuito and they are having trouble getting their license to reopen on the beach (??). If you would like to support them you can click to sign this petition.

23/05/2021 A reliable source has told me that the Key Mar office building near Consum has been sold and is being converted into a private health centre which will house various medical specialities.

21/05/2021 New beach sand confirmed. Beach will be closed from Tuesday the 25th till Friday to allow the work.

20/05/2021 Finally, new sand will be brought back to the beach next week ??

15/05/2021 It was reported in a Facebook forum that the Ayuntamiento de Vera is having a meeting at Benitos Bar this afternoon ??

12/05/2021 The empty space on the other side of the street in front of PUNTONAT will have a Kayak rental ??

10/05/2021 The weekend of 21/05 is a long weekend in Madrid ?? local bars and restaurants are looking forward to the new business.

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