Chapter Four The Enemy Below

A war was waged, for more than one hundred years, against the thermal waters deep under the mountain. The first battle was fought in the Barranco del Jaroso, the second in the Barranco del Francés and the third on the banks of the Rambla del Arteal.

The latest machinery, housed in magnificent buildings, directed by the best engineers proved, time and time again, to be no match for this force of nature. The remains of these desagües, or pumping stations, are open to all. Like all of the ruins in the Sierra, you can visit them, free of charge, at any time. There is even a site map of one of them in this chapter!

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Note: Whilst the author has tried to identify and attribute copyright holders to illustrations and photographs, she would be grateful for information about those where this has not been possible and would be glad to rectify any such omissions in future editions. She may be contacted on her site.

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