Living in our small community is a bit like living in a local news desert of which there are many these days. It is easy to get International and National news via the web and television. Regional, and occasionally, local news can be had from papers in Almeria. But for local news I know of no source. There is no local paper that I know of in Vera.

So that leaves us “the grapevine” and places like Facebook. Now the problem with Facebook is that there is no memory to it. Everything falls down the memory hole and keeps getting lost. The goal of this paper is to inform and provide a memory for our small community because it is hard to have a community without memory. Again the Facebook problem.

Of course it could be argued that there is not enough news in our small community to warrant a paper. We shall see. This is an experiment.

Note: when I say small community I really mean small. Not Vera but the Vera Playa Naturist Neighborhood.

The “paper” will be free, the idea is not to make money.The paper is itself an artistic project and will feature local artists so don’t be shy if you want to contribute. Poems, music, stories, photos, videos, drawings, paintings, …   

Also, keep in mind that this is not Facebook. Translation: You do not have to hide yourself in your photos and videos.

In the beginning this will be a bit of a “one man show”. If it does work and is used by the community I will bring in people and show them how to run it so that it can have an existence without me.

The site is still in construction and much needs to be done. Multiple language translations, comment sections, …

Suggestions welcome !

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